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Transportation FinancingKeeping your trucks running and earning on the road is your number one job. Often times financing the next truck or financing your receivables is a true challenge as well as taking up much of your valuable time. BH Capital Ltd can assist you in financing one or a fleet of trucks as well as provide working capital for your operation. BH Capital Ltd can help you do what you do best!

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in the video above George Lovato, Jr. discusses the two main components of financing required for the transportation business:

  • Access to working capital finance
  • Long term equipment financing

When the new EPA requirements for cleaner diesel were implemented truck operators were forced to purchase new rigs to comply. This put tremendous financial strain on them. In addition their contracts payments were being pushed out 30-45 days by the big companies. This had the knock on effect of a lot of late payments appearing on a truck operators credit report lowering the credit score.

George discusses how this factor is taken into account when providing factoring or asset based lending solutions to truck operators. He explains how BH Capital can change the game for a truck operator and as a result their credit ratings improve over time.

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If you are in the transportation business and need equipment financing or working capital financing we can help.