The Electric Car

The Electric Car Will Have a Tough go of it the Media Reports –  Daaaah!

The Electric CarAhhhh yes the electric car. There was much fanfare about the coming electric cars. Now the media reports they will have a tough go of it. Daaaaaa? Every new product that can impact human behavior has a rough go. But none the less it is a new product that can change the rate of consumption of oil in this country. Yes there will be many varying iterations of the electric car. Yes there is much to do to support the electric car in terms of recharging it when it runs a little low on “juice”. Maybe there will be totally self- regenerating version soon. Maybe there will be solar augmentation. Maybe there will batteries that will hold a high voltage charge for a thousand miles. Needless to say there will be changes and adaptations to come.

Support the New and Innovative

On the other hand the media should be a little more supportive of a product being introduced at one of the most challenging economic periods known to man. The media should be reporting on the progress of the technology and the support network being defined by the public and the manufacturers. Maybe the media should talk about what is in store rather that gloom and doom. Support the new and innovative rather than be critical of it. This is the dawning of new things to come. We should be in awe of it. Remember the PC?

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