The Buyers Guide to Purchasing an Auto Dealership

Buyers Guide to Purchasing an Auto DealreshipYour numbers have been good for ten years. Every dealer you have worked for has enjoyed the fruits of your labor. Now you feel it’s time for you to run your own show.

Well you have cash in the bank but it is not enough for you to finance the entire purchase. You know you can get new or assume the old floor plan at the dealership you have your eyes on, but the real estate is the big hurdle you have to get over. The seller wants out and he is not going to lease the location. He wants you to be able to provide your own real estate financing.

So What Are the Next Steps?

First you need an independent valuation of the target dealership. You need a second set of eyes on the business of the business to validate that it is in fact a good sound purchase.

The cash you have in hand needs to be sufficient so that you can supply the much needed working capital for operations and to pay for the blue sky the seller is asking for.

You  need factory approval or at the very least tentative approval.

You need to get approved by the floor plan provider.

You need a third party to organize and interpret the due diligence report and package inclusive of a current real estate appraisal.

And finally you need the real estate financing commitment in hand so you can make a bona-fide offer.

Once you have all of the above you are ready to roll.
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How Do I Put This Together?

That’s where BH Capital Ltd steps in! We have developed a pre-qualification financing program just for professionals like you. We can assist you in getting the valuation  and due diligence presentation and package, plus we can acquire and supply the financing commitment.

Aside from you having a target in mind BH Capital has scores of dealerships that have expressed interest in selling their dealerships. BH Capital knows where to take you even if you don’t have a target in mind but you have the desire and know how to run and build a successful dealership.

BH Capital Ltd can assist you in getting ready for the big show by getting you pre-qualified for the financing you need. BH Capital Ltd can assist you in putting all the puzzle parts together.

Face it. You cannot do this alone. You will need help. You will need expertise on many things in order for you to acquire the dream of a lifetime. BH Capital Ltd is the source for you run your own show.

So reach out and contact BHCL at (505) 265 5123 but before you do that fill out the Fast Track Application today so that when you call BHCL will have the basic information we need in order to help you. 

The information you provide will not be shared, sold or rented to any third party. This information is collected for the purposes of BHCL being able to freely contact you about your financing request and will be kept in a secure digital environment free from public view.