How to Successfully Close the Sale of Your Auto Dealership

auto dealershipSo your real estate agent brought you two prospects and neither could meet you at the closing table.

And now a MEGA GROUP makes you an offer not up to your expectations.

So you ask yourself “where are the real buyers?”

The real buyers are pre-qualified, bring the financing with them and BH Capital Ltd (BHCL) has scores of them.

BHCL has pre-qualified these buyers so that they can purchase the real estate, the biggest most challenging part of the sale transaction. Try selling cars without the financing – you couldn’t move a thing off the lot. Sell your dealership to the guy that can close your deal.
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How Does it Work?

Well BHCL prepares a valuation and due diligence package for you. Then discreetly BHCL canvases the offer for sale to our network of pre-qualified buyers. Discreetly? Yes all the buyer sees is a summary like this

“ Dealership in population center of 240,000 selling 40 new and 60 used per month with total sales of $4,200,000 monthly, total gross of $8,300,000, monthly 104% service absorption, 63 employees generating over 3% net profit average for the past 10 years. Asking price is $12,550,000 with real estate or long term lease maybe available.”

That is all they see! Not your name or where you are located but only a synopsis of the dealership results of operations in an email he/she is set up tosecurely receive from BHCL. Then the interested buyer contacts BHCL and the process begins.

You, in turn once the interest has been confirmed, see the prospects’ financial statements and tax returns along with his/her professional summary and the pre-qualification letter that assures you he/she can meet you at the closing table. Then introductions are made after you say “GO!” and negotiations begin with BHCL assisting both parties to a successful closing.

So reach out and contact BHCL at (505) 265 5123 but before you do that fill out the Fast Track Application below so that when you call BHCL will have the basic information we need in order to help you.

The information you provide will not be shared, sold or rented to any third party. This information is collected for the purposes of BHCL being able to freely contact you about your financing request and will be kept in a secure digital environment free from public view.