BH Capital’s Full Range of Services

  • Asset-Based Financing,
  • Accounts Receivable Financing,
  • Business Capital, Debt Restructuring,
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing,
  • Working Capital and Operating Capital Financing,
  • Retail Business Capital Restructuring,
  • Construction Project Funding,
  • Business Expansion Capital Formation,
  • Business Development Plan Consulting,
  • Sole Source and Capital Product Funding,
  • Credit Enhancement,
  • Automotive Dealership Wholesale Floor Planning, Working Capital, and Commercial Real Estate Financing,
  • Correspondent Bank and Semi-Regulated Lender Syndications,
  • Project Participation Financing,
  • Agricultural-based Inputs, Livestock, and Operations Funding,
  • Business Consulting, Executive Consulting and SOX Consulting,
  • Equity Formation Consulting and Access to Private or Public Equity Providers,
  • Financial Institution, Business Merger and Acquisition Consulting.
  • Bridge Lending
  • Factoring

If any of these services are of interest BH Capital would be delighted to assist you. Please provide the information required on the following application form and BH Capital will contact you shortly thereafter with the results of their preliminary evaluation.