Sandstorm of Denial

Sandstorm of DenialSometimes we are the victim of our own propaganda. We even go as far as to feel our visualizations are in fact reality. In doing so, we often create phantom facts and figures. We are in essence believing our own BS. At times this can aid us in moving our tasks and agendas forward. But more commonly we fool ourselves into false senses of security. Additionally, we tend to ignore looming crisis right in front of our very eyes. The Sandstorm of Denial is Upon Us.

Denial Can Crush a Business

I have seen denial crush businesses. I have even seen it destroy perfectly sound opportunities. In the case of this latest in the Just Ask George series I saw facts, figures and declining revenues dismissed as non-reality by the entrepreneur. This went so far that even when confronted by third parties with hard provable facts, the entrepreneur would just say “You got it wrong!” Try as I might, I could never get the enterpriser to confront reality.

As a result I saw the business decline along with employee morale and customer confidence. This was very frustrating for me. I became emotionally involved to the point where I was getting angry at the situation as well as myself and there was nothing I could do about it but give my notice and quietly exit the situation. I could not influence the change needed to propel the company and the entrepreneur forward.

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Denial Is Deadly

There are several lessons to be learned but there is only one central idea. Denial is deadly. Denial is poison for any business and entrepreneur. And denial is almost like a drug. It can fool you into a make believe world that does not exist. So be conscious that it does exist and that it can overtake you. In that regard, also be aware that it can cause you to follow a path that is not real, nor realistic. This case in this show illustrates that the entrepreneur may have in fact been a bit self-destructive. When that is in fact the case then there is really nothing someone like me can do but watch the fireworks and pick through the ashes when it is all over.

Take heed and listen to the people around you carefully. Sometimes they are just restating what you refuse to believe is right in front of you. But most of all listen more carefully to your gut in those situations. It will never lead you astray!

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