BH Capital Ltd. is celebrating over twenty five years of providing “Proactive Finance Solutions for American Enterprise”. It exists as an expert in the complex world of structured finance. Through its ability to lend or invest singularly or in conjunction with other institutions or investors, American Enterprise has been able to resolve many of the complex issues surrounding corporate finance as a result of BH Capital Ltd participation

Location, Location, Location

The real estate industry has long stated the notion that there are three elements to making a successful real estate investment…Location. Location. Location. The corporate finance industry has long held that a successful venture or opportunity is funded as a result of three things…Structure. Structure. Structure. BH Capital Ltd. has been a proponent of that very practice in resolving the many challenges American Enterprise faces in the capital formation process. It utilizes structure as a key component to provide long lasting solutions for its clients over the past twenty five years. BH Capital Ltd has the experience, capital and capital resources to assist the moderate to large financing requests.