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How To Finance Your Business – 4Gb Flash Drive


Buy this Patent Pending eBook loaded onto a stylish 4Gb Flash Drive for the same price as the digital download. A $12.99 Additional Value! Just pay $5 in shipping and handling. Not only do you get to take your new eBook wherever you go but you get 4Gb of mobile memory to utilize for your business or personal affairs for absolutely free.


Product Description

The world has changed since 2008. The financial meltdown had long lasting effects on almost every industry. That included the finance industry incorporating a host of new regulations and adding more stringent internal oversight within almost all financial institutions. On balance, the manner in which business obtains capital has changed. The rules are different. The old days of submitting a set of current financials, three years tax returns and a few years’ worth of projections are simply gone. Now the financial world wants a host of third party opinions and intervention plus substantiation of the relevancy of the existing business model to boot. Acquiring capital is far more complex and demanding. It takes more than a village. It takes a team!


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