Another Variety of Banker

Nancy Traver
New Mexico Business Journal

Merchant Banker George Lovato pulls out all the financial stops to help his clients.

Centuries ago, merchant bankers stood on the nation’s greatest port cities. As towering ships were unloaded, these bankers bought all variety of goods, only to turn around and sell them to merchants who would then send them to mercantiles and trading posts all over the country. Read More…

Used-Car Group Is Recruiting Rejected Dealerships

Bradford Wernie
Automotive News

AutoStar Dealer Network plans to open five stores a month for the first three months.

Several former Chrysler executives and dealers are helping recruit rejected Chrysler and General Motors dealerships to establish a used-car chain called AutoStar Superstore. Read More…

George Lovato, Jr. Publishes “The Obstacle Course”

Albuquerque Journal

On Course to Overcome Obstacles

George Lovato, Jr. of Albuquerque is the author of the new book “The Obstacle Course: Lessons About Business, Personal Growth and Grabbing the Brass Ring.” Read More…

Affordable Retirement Complex Developers Desire IRB Financing

Kathi Schroeder
New Mexico Business Weekly

An Albuquerque group plans to build an affordable, assisted living, rental complex in the metro region with a rare twist — no entry fee. And the shareholder/investors are hoping their project will qualify for about $15 million in industrial revenue bonds. Read More…

Long Haul

Karen Jarnagin
New Mexico Business Weekly

Americana Publishing is driving sales by hooking truckers on its newly expanded listings of serialized audiobooks. George Lovato Jr. liked what he was hearing. Three years ago, Americana Publishing Inc. (BB: APBH), Lovato’s Albuquerque-based multimedia publishing company, was earning about $500,000 in annual revenues by publishing and selling audio, print and electronic books in a variety of genres, from Westerns to spy thrillers. Read More…

Universal’s Declining Sales Force Layoffs

Kathi Schroeder
New Mexico Business Weekly

Americana Publishing (OTC:BB APBH) of Albuquerque has been in talks for the past year with Universal Printing & Publishing Inc.’s President Tony Medrano, to buy some of the company’s assets, including its web press, reportedly the largest in the city. Read More…

Tixs For Kids Sponsors

George Lovato, Jr. of Americana Publishing is donating the legal services to establish Tixs for Kids as a non-profit organization. This involves a tremendous amount of work, and we couldn’t do it without them! Read More…

Site To Offer Rare Music CD’s

Press Release
MP3 Newswire

Americana Publishing, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: APBH), owner and operator of, has announced the development of a companion web site that will offer a categorized archive of more than 100,000 rare and out-of-print songs that may be downloaded by customers. Read More…

In Unity There Are Reservations

Mark Henricks
Venture Entreprenews

George Lovato Jr. looked at the car rental industry and saw 10,000 independent operators trying to compete with a handful of giants. Read More…

Things Turning Out ‘Rite’ for Fledgling Company

Sherry Robinson
Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook

Things Turning Out “Rite” for Fledgling Company

Sometimes the bread falls with the buttered side up. George “J.R.” Lovato Jr., who had to abort an initial public offering last year, has decided that he and his company, Rent Rite Reservation Network Inc., were probably unripe at the time. He also admits that the success of his recently completed offering gives him the luxury of being philosophical about the earlier disaster. Read More…

New Idea, Used Cars, Borrowed Money Equal Success

Sherry Robinson
Albuquerque Journal

Former Male Nurse Expects $350,000 This Year From Rental Firm, Network

Lovato, with the help from his father and friends, has multiplied $130,000 of somebody else’s money into a rental agency and network that may give independent rental companies their first chance to complete with the big national agencies. Read More…

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