Do It Now! When Experience Makes the Difference

Do It NowIt is all too often that I hear a prospect DIY their financing. And it is all too often I seen them fail. The time it took to learn they could not successfully form capital cost them dearly. And as a result of their recent failure causes the request for financing to become a bit tainted and difficult to work with. None the less, the prospect comes back to ask for assistance. In rare cases we accept that type of engagement.

With lessons learned many times before not only the hard way but the expensive way, business Principals in many cases procrastinate on making the right decision.  Instead of in most cases admitting to what they don’t know or cannot do themselves, they continue down a very perilous path to find themselves coming up short.

Enter Philippe de La Chapelle

Not only my long standing mentor and close friend, but a man with a mountain of experience and a way of doing business and thinking that is very much of the current times. He has worked for some to the top 100 corporations in the world. He has been part of and arranged for countless mergers, acquisitions, financings of all kinds and believes and lives by his personal edict of “Do it now!”.  So now let’s put the two thoughts together. First off is that business principals should take note of and admit to what they don’t know or cannot do. Then once they have done that they should proceed in selecting the person or firm that can do or does know what they do not and then “Do it now!” so to speak. Yes do not wait on building your team of experts…”Do it now!”.

The “Do It Now” Edict

I have found over 25 years that Philippe does know a lot about a lot of different things. But what I admire most is his ability to never let any grass grow under his feet. Being decisive has ben one of the critical elements of his character that has made him successful. This “Do it now!” edict has served him well. He does not procrastinate and he teaches his client the value of  “Do it now!” continually. I have come to not only value his friendship and guidance but I also highly respect his edict…”Do it now!”

BHCL has made a special place for him as a BHCL Partner in my decades old Merchant Banking firm. He has formed his own corporate entity GAD Partners LLC as his legal cornerstone. So now business Principals of all kinds, owners of small, medium and large have access to him. You, my many blog subscribers, have the ability to gain so much knowledge from this icon of experience. His expertise and guidance is unparalleled. You cannot put a value on what you can learn from this man because in the end it is truly priceless. Take it from someone who has had the benefit of learning first hand from this man. He is here! Philippe and I are working daily with many new prospects and dozens of clients and teaching them to “Do it now!”

So the next time you admit to what you do not know or cannot do “Do it now!” and call BHCL…we can help!

Now I would like to introduce you to Philippe de La Chapelle!
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Hello George Lovato Jr. Blog readers!

I have been fortunate in my career to have worked in many different industries for world class companies like W R Grace, Warner Communication, Norton Simon, MasterCard and Warnaco and the opportunity to observe their very talented executives up front and personal.

Their creativity, drive and can do attitude to business creation and development were contagious. Challenges exist to be overcome, so  “do it now” and get on with your plan.

As President of my firm, GAD PARTNERS LLC, I approach projects with the same attitude. Listen carefully to what a company owner wants to do, gather all the relevant information , inject a strong dose of reality check into the picture , review realistic options and execute a mutually agreed assignment without delay.

I am delighted that through  my firm , I now have  the  opportunity to join and collaborate with  BH Capital and my old pal George Lovato on a variety of exciting projects.

Philippe de La Chapelle, President


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