How Do I Make It Look So Easy?

How Do I Make It Look So EasyIf financing your business was easy it would not take up so much of your time. Face it the world has become more complicated. And more to the point financing is more challenging than ever.

Don’t Waste Your Time

I see it all the time. Entrepreneurs spending vast amounts of time trying to form capital with outdated tools, poor presentations and going to the wrong sources. This is time wasted. Time that could be focused on managing the business for greater profits. The entrepreneur hires accountants and lawyers to execute specialized tasks. Then why put your valuable time into something like capital formation that requires specialized skills? You need the tools, structure and resources. It is not something you do every day. Face it again you are not connected to the corporate finance world. And to do so it will take you literally months of your time to weed through the mire of the corporate finance community.

Take a look at where your time is best spent. Where do you create the best returns for yourself. Stop trying to be all things to your business. You don’t defend yourself in court. You don’t prepare your audited financial statements. So let the professionals put you on the correct path to form capital.

You can create better returns in your business by doing what you do best and that is running it. Bring in the professionals in that are connected to the corporate finance community. Bring in the people that you can learn from. Don’t spend valuable time trying to learn a highly technical series of skills in order to finance your business on the fly. It just does not make sense.
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Corporate Finance is What We Do

I have heard it a hundred times how I make corporate finance look easy. No I am not being a zealot. It looks easy because it is what we do at BHCL. We know where to go and how to structure a transaction. We know what it takes in terms of the information needed to accurately tell the story of your business in the lexicon other bankers can understand. It is not easy in fact, but we make it look easy because it is what we do.

Take the time to analyze what you do best. Take the time to identify where your time is best spent. One of the things you do well is to hire the right people for the right jobs. Corporate finance is no different.

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