Gary King Has a Business Plan For New Mexico

Gary KingGary King, the Attorney General of New Mexico, has a business plan for New Mexico and I’m getting involved.

Government Affects How I do Business

I live in New Mexico. Therefore I am concerned about how state government affects how I do business here. The ongoing debate of how much influence government has over business is ever present. The fact is business is affected by government in one shape or another. Taxes, regulations, licenses and various reporting requirements are just a few of the ways government is involved in your everyday business life.

The Answer Simply is Get Involved

But the question really becomes “What can I do to become better prepared when the government reaches out and touches my company?” The answer simply is get involved! Being involved gets you access to information. Information is key. Also being involved puts you in a position to influence change. Now if you can get involved with a candidate such as Gary King who sees the world through eyes that are sensitive to your place in business then all the better. But you must get involved.

So in this case I am practicing what I am preaching. I am involved with a candidate, Gary King, the Attorney General of New Mexico. We have been friends for about 40 years. I have been involved with him and his various campaigns over that period of time.

Gary King Has a Business Plan For New Mexico

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I trust him and I trust he has the DNA in him that is sensitive to business and what can be done to spur growth in New Mexico. He is developing a business plan for New Mexico. I trust also that it will be comprehensive. I also trust, since Gary King is the smartest guy in the room, it will be thoughtful. But when you really look at things from my business perspective, at least he is thinking about business and what can be done to right the ship. Whereas now there is no line of clear communication from governmental leadership about aiding micro and small business in New Mexico.

So this is my ways of influencing things in business for the better by supporting Gary King a candidate for governor who is micro and small business-centric when it comes to business perspectives. I cannot tell him what to do but I can help him execute his plan for New Mexico whenever he asks. And from what I see the plan is taking on a sound shape of things to come. Get involved and stay involved. It’s the best way of staying informed!

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