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Don’t Let Your Floorplan Stop You From Making Money


  • Is your dealership truly profitable?
  • Is cash flow consistently positive?
  • Is your credit good?
  • Is your dealership credit good?
  • Does the balance sheet show solid equity and liquidity?
  • Does your real estate appraisal show measurable equity?
  • Is the overall business in sound shape?
  • Will a valuation of the business be favorable?
  • Do you have good internal inventory controls?
  • Do you use cloud based wholesale pricing tools?


If you checked each of the items off above the you are well on the way to getting a floorplan that doesn’t penalize your business

Even if you were unable to check off each item BH Capital Ltd can still finance you at better rates than the factory or a commercial bank.

Fill out the form below and we’ll have you a response within 24 hours. Alternatively call a senior banker¬†at (505) 265 5123.

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