Bill Kurtis and the TallGrass Beef Company

Bill KurtisBHCL has had many high profile clients over the past almost three decades. Bill Kurtis, however has not only been a high profile client but a very solid one at that. Often times I am asked “How would you approach financing my company?” My answer is always the same. First understand the business of the business. Then move on to understand where the real need for financing is. Make sure the financials tell the correct story and are representative of the business landscape. Then you must be able to capsulize the story not only in the form of a business plan but a structured underwriting as well. Once those basic questions and requirements have been answered, BHCL can then proceed with providing a financing solution.

Bill Kurtis and the Tall Grass team presented a series of very interesting challenges. Bill, really has a strong vision of how to grow this company. But he has been challenged like so many other businesses post 2008 meltdown. BHCL stepped in and lent a hand recently. I had the good fortune to get to know Bill better and really get a sense of his passion for the Tall Grass Beef Company. His passion is contagious. I’m hooked not only on the concept but the product as well.

How BH Capital Conquered the Financial Challenges

Bill, answers the question I am asked all the time. He tells exactly how BHCL conquered his financing challenges. I invite you to take a listen. I think you will then understand that in today’s world you need to build a team when it comes to financing your business. You also need expertise in the right areas as well as you also need connectivity. BHCL provided all that and more for Bill and Tall Grass.
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We are proud that he has included BHCL on his team for the long term. BHCL will be there now and in the future. We were proud to be part of providing a proactive series of financing solutions for Bill and Tall Grass.

Take a look. I think it will assist you in understanding financing a business in today’s world is a true challenge. It takes a team.

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