Automotive Professional Referral Program

Are you a automotive industry professional? If you are then you may be in need of an additional multi product financing source. You also may have a transaction or request from one of your dealership customers on your desk that needs some form of financing and you currently unable to fulfill. If so BHCL can help. At the same time BHCL will compensate you for the referral. BHCL has a reputation for getting the nearly impossible done in reasonably short time frames to meet the client’s needs.

There is no need that you need to miss out on the compensation opportunity. Therefore BHCL will compensate you. The compensation structure is as follows. For any professional time/retainer charged to the client you will receive 10% of the billing. Of the standard BHCL success fee of 4% of the gross credit/capital facility you will receive 25%. All you need to do is fill out the form below with all the contact information, upload your list of client dealer names, AND AGREE TO THE TERMS SET FORTH HEREIN.

You have scores of auto dealership customers. They buy your products and services and are loyal to you. As you know most of them cannot or are having a very difficult time financing their dealership real estate. You can now be part of the solution. BHCL has going to introduce a new and innovative financing product exclusively tailored to the automotive industry. Now a flexible and attractive real estate financing product is available to your customer. You will have the first opportunity to introduce this innovative product and earn six figures while serving your dealer customer.

  • Please upload your dealer client file in excel or .csv format
    By signing up as a referral source I agree to conduct myself in accordance with the BH Capital Ltd. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I agree not to SPAM or use other illegal methods of link referral. I understand if I am found in violation of this agreement my account will be terminated. I am required to contact all of my dealership customers and verbally introduce this innovative automotive real estate financing product. I am required to share a PDF as directed by BH capital Ltd within the next seven days from executing this referral agreement and keep an email record of the customers I have been sharing such. I will be redirected to the PDF immediately upon submitting this form. This record must be kept readily available to BHCL at any time to provide proof I have complied with the terms and conditions herein. I agree to the foregoing marketing and compensation terms that I will receive from BHCL 10% of any professional retainer charged to my client and BHCL agrees to further compensate me by remunerating 25% of any success fees collected from my client as a result of successful completion of the financing desired by my client. I will further assist BHCL in any fashion necessary in order to achieve the financing objectives of my client. BH capital Ltd agrees that it will keep my dealership contacts in a safe and secure file and that they will not share this information with anyone unless authorized by me. Further BH capital Ltd will not circumvent me and will promise to pay as prescribed herein as long as I have met the terms and conditions of this referral agreement.