Automotive Dealership Finance

automotive dealership financeHow To Get To “Yes!” When You Need to Finance Your Dealership!

So you have been to your bank? What did they say? “No!” to your request to re-finance your dealership real estate? You should not be surprised.

BHCL can assist you in getting to “Yes!” by just following a few simple steps to start the process to re-finance your dealership real estate. Let’s ask a few simple questions. Now be honest with yourself when answering these questions and no fudging.

  1. Is your dealership truly profitable?
  2. Is the cash flow of the dealership consistently positive?
  3. Is your credit good?
  4. Is your dealership credit good?
  5. Do you show solid equity and liquidity on your company balance sheet?
  6. Does the appraisal of your dealership real estate show true and measurable equity?
  7. Is the overall business of the business in sound shape and will a valuation of the business be favorable?

If the answers to these questions are all “Yes!” then BH Capital Ltd can help you get to “Yes! on refinancing your dealership.
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The Next Steps

Fill out the Fast Track Application (FTA) below and our lead automotive and senior banker will contact you upon receipt. We will then discuss with you your needs and details of the FTA and determine if we can be of assistance to you in getting to “Yes!”

What to Do If Any of the Answers Are No!

Now if any of the answers to the questions are “No!” and there is still value in the dealership then maybe it is time you consider selling your dealership. BHCL has scores of pre-qualified well experienced purchasers ready to take a look at your dealership. Give us a call at (505) 265 5123 and maybe we can assist you in selling. Now is the time! Everything is kept in the strictest of confidence and only after we have executed our standard agreement inclusive of a non-disclosure clause will we begin to scout for the right buyer for you.

The information you provide will not be shared, sold or rented to any third party. This information is collected for the purposes of BHCL being able to freely contact you about your financing request and will be kept in a secure digital environment free from public view.