Are There Any Bankers Banking Anymore?

Are There Any Bankers Banking Anymore?This is a Stupid Without a License story from my new soon to be released E-Book! It was inspired by a surreal meeting I had with a young banker regarding a construction loan. I left the meeting completely dumbfounded and wondering if there are any bankers banking anymore!

I explain the details at great length  in the video below  but first let me set the scene for what I believe is a growing trend in this tough economic climate.

It’s a Privilege For Me To Do Business With Bankers Who Can’t Market – Yeah Right!

Recently I’ve been approached by a host of commercial bankers looking for business. It seems their marketing efforts are not producing the numbers so they’re on a hunt for more deal flow. Who do they call but me! Well this new lot are looking for lay downs or no brainers. To be quite honest I save those for the proven and smart bankers who deserve good borrowers. One banker went as far to say he was giving me a chance to prove myself. And he was asking me to send him deals? What a jerk!

Another banker said they were one of the best commercial lenders in the country and it would be good for my company and reputation to do business with them. Can you believe it? These guys can’t even market and they consider it a privilege for me to do business with them. What a joke. But it does get kind of interesting and worthy of a laugh now and then. Watch the video below and you’ll see why!

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Commercial Bankers Are Losing Their Mojo

Are bankers banking anymore? Do they understand the mechanism they employ to make money? Have they lost their understanding of how to build assets in their institution and reliability in their community? Judging by this experience you’d think they’ve forgotten how to put a transaction together. I think commercial bankers are losing their mojo. What do you think?

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