Agriculture Loans and Financing

Agriculture Loans and Financing width=The Farmer/Producer is challenged on all fronts these days. Managing risk as well as financing your operations can sometimes present insurmountable obstacles. BH Capital has the answer. BH Capital can provide input, livestock to equipment and real estate loans and financing. BH Capital is the one company with vast experience in agriculture loans and financing for over 25 years that can help you meet the demands of the complex set of rules in the agriculture industry.

Some Successful Projects

Cook Farms

COOK FARMS – Total Financing: $3 million dollars

Cook Farms are a grain and cattle operation located in the mid west. We refinanced their farm and provided an operating line of credit for $3 million in total. In both cases the structure of the deal and rates were significantly improved from their previous financing arrangements.

When no other bank could provide the real estate financing we needed, BH Capital Ltd came through with more than competitive rates and fantastic terms. ~Cook Farms, Grady Cook, President

Green Ridge Dairies

GREEN RIDGE DAIRIES – Total Financed: $4.2 million dollars

Green Ridge Dairies are a large mid west dairy operation. We provided input financing and  working line of credit at improved rates, terms and advance structure.

Moberley Hereford Ranch

MOBERLEY HEREFORD RANCH – Total Financed: $750 thousand dollars

Moberley are a mid west cattle operation. We refinanced their irrigation equipment and provided term financing on their farm.

BH Capital provided a loan at a great rate and for an amount more than we originally requested. They were professional and helpful throughout the process. In the future for any other financing we intend to use them again. ~Lindgreen Family Farms Maurice Lindgreen, President

Kurey Dairy Company

KUREY DAIRY – Total Financed: $2.5 million dollars

Kurey are a mid west dairy Farm. We provided input financing for a dairy and long term herd financing.

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TALLGRASS BEEF – Total Financed: $550 thousand dollars

Tallgrass Beef produce grass fed beef in Kansas and have a network of producers supplying beef raised to their exact strict specifications. We financed an initial $50,000 bridge loan followed by a $500,000 operating line of credit.

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