Meet George Lovato, Jr.

George Lovato, Jr. is President and Principal of BH Capital Ltd., Merchant Banker, Consultant, Author and Lecturer.

BHCL is a thirty year old merchant banking and corporate finance consulting firm that has provided billions of dollars to various industries. Founded by George Lovato Jr. (born March 24th, 1957) is an American corporate finance consultant and Merchant Banker as well as an internationally recognized entrepreneur. He is the Principal of B H Capital Ltd which commenced operations in 1984. Additionally Lovato started what grew to be one of the largest car rental operations in North America in 1982. Lovato went on to not only start and very rapidly grow the nationally recognized auto rental operation, additionally the company was taken public by Grady Hatch Investment Bankers in 1986 and subsequently listed on NASDAQ during his tenure. This would prove to be one of dozens of companies Lovato would privately capitalize or take public or grow to substantial size. In 1996 Lovato founded Americana Publishing one of the most recognizable publishers of theme and series audio books. Lovato took Americana Publishing public via a Form 10 Registration and 15C-211 sponsored by Hill Thompson Securities in 2000 and soon after the stock was listed on the Bulletin Board. The common stock of Americana Publishing traded at a substantial premium for some time to come. Selling most of the audio product to the over the road truck driver, Americana Publishing would later joint venture the rebranding and redistribution of the Simon an Shuster (A Viacom Company)Star Trek line of audio books to the same over the road truck driver market. As Chairman of the board, Lovato would publish over 500 books during his tenure. With numerous other public and private companies to Mr. Lovato’s credit, he has amassed a vast array of experience in finance, management, financial institution recapitalization, corporate turn-a-round, executive coaching, marketing and organizational development.

Mr. Lovato has written three books; The Obstacle Course, How to Finance Your Business and The Common Denominators of an Unprofitable Business. All three of these books being published by Simon Cook Thinkers Press. One additional book is currently in pre-publication development entitled Higher Power Business. B H Capital Ltd and Mr. Lovato are authors of numerous blog publications involving business management, corporate financing and capital formation and are widely distributed over the web. Lovato is also the founder and principal personality of a popular podcast program discussing the aforementioned published information on JustAskGeorge seen on YouTube by over three million viewers and thousands of subscribers.

Lovato has sat on the New Mexico Governors Business Advisory Council, advised financial institutions on management, recapitalization and regulatory matters as well as consult with numerous nationally recognized public and private companies on a host of management and capital formation issues. Mr. Lovato is now expanding B H Capital Ltd into assisting tech companies in capital formation but remains active in the commercial real estate , transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, automotive and financial institution recapitalization and financing segments.

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